Free is not Really Free!!

If a piano is being given away for free is it really a good deal?
The old adage that if its too good to be true it probably is, works here!
There are many pianos on Craigslist and Kijiji being offered for free or nearly free. 
I ask you why would you get a piano from someone who knows nothing about pianos.
Lets face it if the piano was worth anything don't you think the owner would have sold it by now?
Here are some things to consider when thinking of taking a FREE PIANO
  • You need to hire professional piano movers to move that piano into your home, no sane person will let you and some of your strong friends take that piano out. The pianos are heavy: read damage to hard wood floors, door frames and of course bodily injury should be taken into consideration as well. Minimum costs $200 Now if the piano is in the basement double it at the very least.
  • The Piano needs to be tuned. If the piano is being given away that piano has not been tuned for years! No one is going to spend 125 for a tuning and then give it away.
  • The piano will need a pitch raise as well as a tuning, because this free piano will have dropped in pitch over the years.. If the piano is tuned to concert pitch immediately strings will break. 
  • The piano will need more than a tuning I guarantee it! Please don't call a piano technician and tell him you need a piano tuning and "Oh by the way a few notes do not sound". ITS MORE THAN THAT! $75 hr minimum and parts 
  • Is there a bench? The piano usually out last the bench. A kitchen chair is not an alternative! (wrong height) Benches run anywhere from 200 and up. Now you might end up with a bench worth more than the piano!

Free now means at least $500. Its big, its old, and it will certainly be an overbearing piece of furniture in most of todays homes.
Talk to your reputable Piano Dealer. They will have solutions for you!
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  1. Oh, thanks for this. We got the name of piano movers from you; they were wonderful, no scratches on house or piano. Now to the tuning...I didn't know about the 'pitch' aspect, so will save some more money before I call.

    You are such a good resource, thank you for being there.


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