If the Piano Has Not been Tuned in a Year Its out of Tune No Ands Ifs or Buts

Piano tuning is adjusting the tension of the strings.
The strings are wrapped around tuning pins that are set in the pin block. There is a special wrench to tune the pins.
Observing a piano technician  tune a piano is pretty dry. But what magic the tuner performs!
Years ago a technician told me a story about tuning a piano in a seniors residence. The piano was in the main room and he proceeded to do his work. At the end, like most tuners, he played a short piece of music just to confirm his overall work is complete. (they all do it, its like  making the first snow angel after a fresh snowfall). As the technician is putting away his tools , a beautiful lady with a conspiratorial
look on her face enters the room and slowly approaches him, she leans down and whispers in his ear; "Thank God you took over,  the fellow who was playing for the last hour was horrible!"

Do not try tuning your own piano yourself. Tuning is a very complicated process, it is an art practiced by skilled professionals. I know there are lots of tutorials on the internet that might make it look easy but please save your money: IT IS NOT EASY!

Have a qualified piano technician tune your piano, one who is a  Registered Piano Technician. (they have the letters RPT after there name.) Check out this website to find one near you.