Now is the Time! Book your Piano Lessons for the Fall!

I know what you are thinking: its the end of May! I am planning the summer holidays, school is not even finished yet! A little time and research now will save you possible big scheduling headaches later.

Some general advice for the returning students:

Parents: ask yourself these questions before re-registering the student for the Fall.

  • Was the time convenient for us?

Most schools offer anywhere from 0 to 3 make-ups lessons a year. Make sure you can attend most Lessons. For example, avoid Saturdays if you have other activities, such as skiing, or playing hockey, or the children just enjoy sleeping in or watching Saturday morning cartoons.

  • Was the progress made this year adequate?

Talk to the teacher. What is good progress? For some it is as obvious as advancing a piano grade. But for others it could be practicing more or having a repertoire they are proud to play.

  • Does the parent and the student have a positive relationship with the teacher?

Communication is an integral part of this relationship. With communication we can set appropriate goals for the student and understand the expectations of the teacher and the parent.

Discuss these things with the music school! The office staff can offer you many different options for lesson times, as well as advise you on the teacher they think will work best with your child. Remember - their goal is to have a happy confident student who wants to take lessons.