I Always Wanted To Play The Piano! Make 2012 The Year!

Is this something you have said in the past? Well get on with it! How long have you been saying this? Can you imagine how well you would be playing if you just started after one of  those times you said "I always wanted to play the piano"

Here are some things to thinks about:

There is no reason that learning should be restricted to childhood. In fact, psychologists have discovered that the learning capacity is the same for an eighty year old as the rate of a twelve year old. Individual differences in intelligence and experience account for greater discrepencies than age.

The Piano was really designed for adults. Its large dimensions and the weight of the keys are more suited to a grown person. While other stringed instruments come in small sizes to accomodate small persons, one must grow into the piano.

Adults who study piano do so because they are self motivated. They sincerely wish to make music. This gives them an advantage over most children who are oftern scheduled into lessons by their parents.

Play for the Health of it!

Playing music helps reduce stress and lower blood pressure.

Playing a musical instrument exercises the brain and helps to fight memory loss.

Making music can help reduce job burnout and improve mood, according to a study exposing 112 long-term care workers to six recreational music making . (Advances in Mind-Body Medicine)

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