Summer Time and the Practicing is Easy...Part 1

Practicing in the summer! Oh the horror! The nightmare! The torture!
It does not have to be.
For young students who have been playing less than a year try this:
1. Ask the student to play the song they performed at the year-end recital.
2. Sit down with a young student open the book and just point at random notes for her to play. (the book should ONLY be opened to pieces she played in the past) 60 seconds is all you need. Start with the very easy notes in the Treble Cleff.
3. Ask the student to find all the C or the F# on the piano or talk about hand position.
The goal is to refamilliarize her with the process of practicing again.
This should take no more than 5 minutes. The process should be light and painless.
Then move away from piano and enjoy the summer!