Can I Take Piano Lessons? I Am Thinking of Just Buying a Keyboard

We hear this question often. It is a very good question! The answer is yes and no. Its just not that simple; there are many keyboards on the market. Lets start with what is a suitable instrument for a beginner student. We suggest a keyboard that is a minimum of 61 keys and is touch sensitive. Touch sensitive means that if you play the note gently you have a softer sound and when you hit a key harder you get a louder sound, similar to a piano. Bells and whistles are not necessary! Yamaha has a very nice instrument designed for the beginner. The Yamaha Piaggero line is ideal. Its a slim, compact instrument.

 61 note and Yamaha Keyboard

A keyboard that has less than 61 keys has smaller keys. This is no longer adequate. The keys must be the same size as the ones on a piano. Oh, and one last thing, the keyboard is not the only thing needed: a stand and a bench are necessary. A student needs the correct tools to succeed. A keyboard is a great way to start, just keep in mind its for the short term.