Next Stop: The Kakegawa Factory the Past and the Future

A 10 minute walk to the Shinbashi station, transfer to the Shinkansen bullet train, leave Shinagawa to Kakegawa by Kodama and then 1.5 hours later arrive at Kakegawa station. Thank you to our wonderful Yamaha Canada man, Kenzo Yamasaki, the market planning manager but also the man who has facilitated this visit and ensured the Canadians are well taken care of. I would still be on the walk to the station asking for directions without him.Tokyo mornings are a fast paced crowded environment and not for the faint of heart.
We arrive at the Yamaha factory in the early afternoon, at the same time that a group of children on a field trip are taking a group photo in front of the Yamaha sign. The lobby walls display the rich Yamaha history, this fall the Yamaha Company will be celebrating 125 years. The lobby also has instruments placed everywhere for the children to try. There is no doubt that this company is very proud of its past but the future is just as important and the children are just that.
Tomorrow we tour the grand piano factory.