The Beginning of a Beautiful Thing

The founder Torakusu Yamaha was a craftsman who made medical equipment. In 1887 he was asked to repair a reed organ at an elementary school. This was the impetus to make a better instrument. He felt that with his skills he could make a more precise and dependable instrument. By 1897 he had established the Nippon Gakki Company, one hundred years later the company took the name Yamaha Corporation in honor of its founder. Just seven years after that reed organ service call Mr Yamaha had produced and exhibited both a piano and a reed organ at the World Expo in St. Louis. This enthusiasm is still there today. During my visit to this piano maker the personnel talked about their pianos and there was this light of evangelism glinting in there eyes! Pianos is not only a job but a passion.
Below is a reproduction of that first reed organ.