Beginner Piano Students Never Had it So Good!

In the olden days. all right maybe 25 years ago, a student who wanted to take piano lessons had very few options for a practice piano. The parents of students had two option:

Option number one: they could take their chances with a used piano; and believe me that can be like navigating through some very rough waters! How many times in a life time does one buy a piano? There is so much to learn and still the expertise of a piano technician or a piano dealer were needed.

Option number two: they would buy a new acoustic piano with a 10 year warranty from a reputable piano store. Better safe than sorry!

Today there is a third option a digital piano. For the best value in a starter piano I believe there is no better value today than a Yamaha CLP 430. Its not loaded with hundreds of bells and whistles and the piano sound is sampled from Yamaha's premier instrument: the concert grand piano.

I like that the piano comes with a bench and does not need a stand. Therefore the piano bench is set to the correct height. This will ensure the student has proper posture and hand position.

I like that the piano has 88 full-size piano keys.

I like that the keys are weighted correctly and that the digital piano feels very similar to an acoustic piano.

I like  that the piano is always in tune and that the student trains their ear to the correct sound.