Pianos from Alaska to Japan- Part 1 Alaska

The summer started with visiting one of the most beautiful places in the world, Alaska. My family and I had the opportunity to view glaciers, American Eagles, black bears, totem poles, the Alaskan rain forest and so much more. Now how does this pertain to a blog about pianos? Well did you know that Alaska produces the world’s best spruce; this type of wood is used in the entire finest acoustic instrument from violins to guitars to pianos. 

Another thing that I found Quite outstanding is that people take their pianos every where! We travelled to Taku Lodge. There is no road system that extends to the remote Taku Glacier Lodge. Access to the Lodge is strictly by float plane or small-motorized riverboat. We deplaned and the vies of the glaciers were breathtaking,the bear tracks so precariously close to the lodge were also breathtaking in a different sort of way and just as we were adjusting to to such a spectacular side of nature we walk into the lodge and lo and behold nestled in the corner of the dining room   I see it. I do a double take, huh? There it was, a 100 year old piano,not in the best of shape but still serving! Did I mention there is NO road access to this place!!!! Piano; their music feeds our souls, they keep us company and entertain us. I guess they are a necessity to many of us, and we take them with us to the most remote corners of the earth.