What Are The Advantages of a Digital Piano?

This is an excellent question! Let me start by saying that there is a need for both types of instruments. The year when digital pianos started to outsell acoustic pianos was 1998. I believe that this is the time when the consumer decided that a digital piano could finally meet their needs and that the advantages of a digital piano outweigh the disadvantages. I would rather see my students with a digital piano than an old, technically unacceptable acoustic instrument.

The Advantages of a Digital Piano: 
  • It never goes out of tune. Therefore, students train their ear to the correct sound.
  • Its fairly easy to move. Unlike an acoustic piano where employing the services of a professional piano mover is a must to protect you and your piano from injury!
  • You can use headphones. This has great appeal to adult students who are shy of practising with an audience or do not want to bother the family if they decide to play late in the evenings.
The Disadvantages of a Digital Piano:
  • Its not for the advanced student! An entry level digital piano will never be a substitute for "the real thing".
  • It WILL depreciate. Consider the digital piano to be like you do your computer or your car. It is technology and as such it is constantly improving.

The purchase of a digital piano is very rarely a mistake. Most piano stores, like Ottawa Pianos, have a trade-up policy. If you feel that a digital piano is not an adequate instrument you should be able to trade it in for a acoustic piano. 

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