Digital Piano or Acoustic Piano. What is the Difference?

Every week I hear this question from our customers and students! It is a great question.
When digital pianos first appeared, many sales people took the easy approach to selling them by saying "they are just like the real piano". They are not, they never will be BUT they do serve a useful purpose.

Here are three advantages of a digital piano:

  • Digital pianos have a headphone output. You can play the instrument any time without bothering your family or your neighbors. A word of caution: you do not hear the actual piano sound but the instrument still produces noises. The actual thunking sound when playing the keys of course is still there and if a fairly advanced player is in the same room as a person who is reading or trying to watch the television, it will drive them out of the room! I speak from experience.
  • Compared to an acoustic piano, a digital piano can be considered portable. Two adults can safely move this instrument across the room.  This instrument is not truly portable.  It would never have the same ease of portability of lets say a keyboard or a tuba or even a double bass. You will always need two people to move it! But these are great for dorms or small spaces.
  • The digital piano never needs tuning. The digital piano has no strings or tuning pins and never needs adjustment. There is no maintenance required. But you need to respect it like you do a computer. If you spill something in it, it will be a problem!

Here is the biggest disadvantage of a digital piano: Digital Pianos Depreciate Very Quickly

Consider a digital piano in the same light as a  computer. How much will your computer be worth in 7 years? That is how much your digital piano will be worth. Your digital piano is still going to function and it will sound just as it did when you first got it but it will have no monetary value. 

So who should buy a Digital Piano?

  • Families with young children just starting their music education. It is a much better alternative than an old clunker of a piano that does not hold its tune.
  • University students away from home. The digital piano is made for you! Compact and inexpensive.
  • People downsizing. But remember it is never going to replace your acoustic piano. Spend some time playing one before making that decision. 
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