Quit that sentimental drivel and really look at the big picture!!!

Ever since the NY Times published an article on the demise of old pianos last July: http://www.nytimes.com/2012/07/30/arts/music/for-more-pianos-last-note-is-thud-in-the-dump.html?pagewanted=all&_r=0

EVERY city newspaper has come up with a variance on this story.
People things wear out! I believe that using a product for 100 years is pretty darn good. So why all the fuss? Within a few minutes of research I find out that over 350 million iPods have ben sold since their introduction. How many of those babies are in landfills now. I am afraid to ask what non-biodegradable materials and toxic wastes they are oozing into our earth.* BUT NO ONE SEEMS TO CARE!

Instead we talk and pine with great sentimentality about the pianos!

Pianos do get recycled:

The ivory keys are used for jewellery, book markers and art
The cabinet, some quite ornate, has been used for everything from coffee tables to bed headboards,
The strings are used in jewellery
Even the cast iron harp has value to someone. Last summer one was carried away to be used as an anchor!

In Canada The University of Waterloo is asking for your used Ipods 

*Planet Green website 
  • iPods/MP3s are not just 10,000 songs in your pocket. The heavy metals that they are made of also represent toxic waste that will spend the next 10,000 years in a landfill
  • 52 grams of polycarbonate go into every iPod package
  • Although polycarbonate itself is environmentally sound and recyclable, it still needs toxic chemicals to produce it. 1 iPod produces 68 lbs. of C0 2