Who is the Expert?

An Expert-Really?

A bit of a Rant

Would you consider someone who drives a car an expert on Cars?
Would you consider someone who brushes their teeth an expert on Dentistry?
Would you consider someone who uses the Internet an expert on Computers?
So why would you consider a piano performer or an instructor an expert on Pianos?

Sometimes logic just goes out the window! Find an expert, a true expert. Find a piano technician. Find a reputable dealer and ask around, ask friends and co-workers. Arm yourself with some knowledge and then trust your judgement,  your instincts and make up your own mind. We all have an ear we just need to trust it!

A wonderful customer came into our showroom. This customer is very successful and regarded as brilliant in his chosen career. He is not a piano technician. He brought in a piano teacher to choose an instrument for his home. I welcome everyone into our showroom to try our pianos as we all have different opinions and tastes. But my opinion on the sound quality of a tuned piano and someone else is just that, an opinion.      An opinion cannot be better than another's. It is just different.

If a customer is unwilling to make a decision and needs an expert then I suggest you consult an expert: a piano technician!

Oh! The kicker : the expert teacher was on the clock and getting paid for her opinion-Really!

But that is just my Opinion!