Christmas Time at Ottawa Pianos

The season starts early around our store. Our teachers eagerly anticipate the First of November.  Why? You ask,  we start displaying our Christmas Music that day. Remember people, it is not like the movies, students will have been working on that holiday piece for a month or more in order to create that feel good Christmas Magic we all dream about. Teachers also take this opportunity to add a larger sight-reading component to the lesson. Buy the book parents! ALL students will try and sight-read the other Christmas music! It is painless learning. My suggestion; get a Christmas Song book that is a level below what they are actually playing at and watch with pride as they master the songs! You do not want to hear Jingle Bells in July do you?

November is also a GRAND month at Ottawa Pianos. I know it sounds a bit cheesy but its true! We deliver many grand pianos to our customers this month. Our Grand Piano customer in November has been planning this purchase for quite some time.  They have researched pianos and are confident in the decision they have made.  We are proud to be their final choice. 

December comes fast, and the grand piano concert rentals should all be organized. This year the short-term grand piano rentals has already hit an all time high. School recitals, Christmas parties, concerts at Embassies and Churches are soon to be in full swing. Take advantage of what the nations capital has to offer. The Ottawa Citizen has a fantastic list of what is out there:

Mid December panic may have started to set in, what to buy that musical person in your life stay tuned, next week I promise to post some ideas.