Musical Gifts For Every One!

I am going to start with the babies. No wait, I am going to start before that! By 20 weeks into a pregnancy the baby's ear is developed!  So when I mean there is a musical gift out there for everyone I do think it is possible. There is no available research that listening to music in utero makes a baby smarter but music can be used to create a relaxing ambiance for a new expectant mom.  iTunes cards,  CDs, and any electronic device to play them on is a good idea.

For babies Music Gifts are a great idea, just make sure it is nothing too annoying for the parents, unless of course that is part of the plan. Music can help soothe, entertain and teach the baby. Try different styles: lullubies, upbeat children's songs or classical music. How about a Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube (this is the coolest music toy we ever owned) or a Little Tykes Zylophone or a musical plush toy. 

Toddlers like repetition, they like what is familiar. So be warned if you are going to choose music, you will be hearing it A LOT! Choose wisely! We enjoyed  Elmo and the Orchestra ( you can find it on iTunes) There are so many musical gifts available for this age group; rhythm sets, sing along DVDs (Disney has some good ones)

Older children that play an instrument can always use a metronome, flash cards to help them learn their notes, maybe some easy music books.

The Classical Kids series that include Mr Bach Come to Call, Beethoven Lives Upstairs and Vivaldi's Ring of Mystery are great stories to listen to. You can find them on Amazon my favourite is Tchaikovsky Discovers America.

For the family; how about a piano? Can you see it now the delivery of a Baby Grand Piano on Christmas Eve with a big red bow?

The Gift of Music can be achieved in so many ways. How about organizing a group of friends to go caroling around the neighborhood, while you are at it collect some canned foods for your local food bank.

If you enjoy performing bring your music books to a seniors home. Play for them!

Music is everywhere during this beautiful season. Make music part of your Christmas.

Wishing you a Christmas filled with happiness, peace and music!

Musically yours,