The Yamaha Silent Piano

What is a Silent Piano? Much attention and thought must have gone into naming a piano "Silent".  Everyone has heard of the GM company calling their car a Nova (meaning doesn't go). GM did well with the Nova in Latin America, even exceeding its sales projections. Yamaha is enjoying tremendous success with the Silent Piano.The Yamaha Silent Piano name provokes curiosity and eagerness to investigate what this is all about! Our customers prove it.

The Silent Piano is the best of both worlds in the Piano Industry. First it is an acoustic piano, a real piano;  the sound is real, the touch authentic, because it is the real thing. But a simple slide to the left with the middle pedal and the instrument is now electric. Put the headphones on and voila!

Perhaps the best evidence that this Silent Piano is being well received  by the consumer is the moment they remove their headphone and ask "Can you hear me play?" Of course we cannot hear you play! But it is that good!

That simple slide of the middle pedal to the left stops the hammer from hitting the string. Sensors under each key measure how the key was played, the volume and how long and then gives you a digital sample sound through your headphone. The fact that the digital sampled sound comes from the world renowned Yamaha Concert Grand makes even it more spectacular for the listener.

This Silent feature is available on uprights AND grand pianos!

Come in and have a listen!