Things I learned as A Parent of a Piano Student.

My father owned a piano store so I took piano lessons. It was not really a choice but part of my education. Now I own the piano store. My children learned to play the piano, it was not really a choice but part of their education. My youngest daughter once told me, after a very frustrating practice, she wished we owned an ice cream store instead of a piano store! The adults get it, we need to choose what we think is best for our children, but without a doubt we learn too!

This is what I learned as A Parent of a Piano Student.

The best motivation is when I sat with my daughter during her practice time. I am showing her that this is a priority. I am taking the time to be with her, and she is learning to make it a priority too! Our children learn more from what we do than what we say.

There are ups and there are downs. The honeymoon is over pretty quickly and any far fetched dream you had that this was going to be easy… well its not! My daughter did not practice without a reminder. Sometimes a lot of reminding was needed and sometimes the sun would shine and the angels would sing and yes she went on her own but not often. But when she did I praised,  I gushed,  I was really proud of her and I made sure she knew it!

Consistency was the key when it came to succeeding at piano lessons. The teacher expected her to do piano practice 5 days each week and every week, so this is what we did. No breaks, no excuses, no way. You pay for it later.

Piano lessons are not about becoming a great musician, though I would not be disappointed if she did! It's about teaching her confidence! Yes, she can do this! She can walk out on stage in front of three hundred students and parents and focus on what she has to do and do it right.

It's about teaching her discipline! Yes, it's all about choices and priorities. Piano practice,  or Phineus and Ferb. Piano practice,  or the latest Grey's Anatomy episode. Piano practice,  or texting with friends.

I certainly don't have all the answers but looking back it has been a great journey!

I hope you can enjoy it too! 

Musically Yours,
Carmen Papalia

Owner of the Family business Ottawa Pianos